Birth Center, Home Birth, Water Birth

IMG_6640Have you always wanted to labor in peace? Sans fluorescent lighting, a rotating regimen of nurses and/or doctors and in the manner and positions in which you are most comfortable? Are you curious about your options for out of hospital birth? If you are a healthy, low-risk woman you may be a perfect candidate for a birth center or home birth experience, assisted by our licensed midwife Justine Backhaus.

IMG_6641Midwives encourage you to actively participate in the decision-making that takes place throughout your pregnancy, as well as during your labor and birth. All of your prenatal visits will be at our Tehachapi office until the Bakersfield Birthing Center is open, (anticipated opening date December 1, 2015.) Our midwife will attend and facilitate your labor and birth, at the birth center or in your home. Whether you choose a Birthing Center or Home Birth for your labor and delivery, all 24-hour post-natal visits are done in your home. Your other three postnatal checks are done at 72 hours postpartum, two weeks postpartum and six weeks postpartum, and these visits are done at the birth center.

Contact us to learn more about midwifery care, the Bakersfield Birth Center, and water birthing options.